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Engine tubes

Air tubes

Metal tubes in the range of 40 to 60mm diameter which conduct the pressurized air from the compression system to the intake manifold.

Solutions in steel, aluminum or cataphoresis coating are offered and quick connect devices can be included upon customer request.

We consider specifications with high level of cleanliness.
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Water tubes

Tubes ranging from 15 to 30mm diameter with stainless steel applications or coatings with high resistance to corrosion (eg, nickel).

They are part of the distribution sets that deliver or collect the coolant flows from the drive subsystems and cooler systems. There may be different connection types available depending on the layout or the functionality of the piece.

Also integrated solutions such as elastomeric pipe coupling are offered.
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Oil tubes

These subsets of feed & return of turbo oil can be metal solutions or may integrate technical elastomers (resistance to high temperature and compatibility with oils degraded by thermal processes or exhaust gases).

They are considered safety parts with demanding bendings due to the normal layout restrictions in the area of the turbocharger. They are produced by hydroforming to provide maximum flexibility and the best technical performance to the system.

The solutions for connection interfaces, some of which patented by MMM, are integrated into the system (washers, screws, clamps, etc..)

We take into account cleaning requirements, reliability and resistance to high temperatures.
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EGR tubes

These are solutions made out of 100% stainless steel selected according to the temperature range for conducting the exhaust gas from the exhaust manifold to the intake one.

Usually they are produced with low thickness tubes of around 0.4 mm with peak temperatures up to 900 degrees and welded by brazing processes with the optional use of fluxes of high resistance to sulfur corrosion.

Corrugated design allows flexibility of assembly, differential expansion absorption and high levels of reliability obtained by hydroforming with a close monitoring of the thickness loss.
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Their function is to absorb the acoustic frequency ranges carried through by the flow of gas flowing from the turbo system to the intake manifold.

They are made from stainless steel in order to achieve an optimum damping and include a quick connector patented by MMM.
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Fuel spill tubes

These channel and drive back fuel losses leaked from the fuel injectors, common rail and other elements of the fuel injection system back to the fuel tank

Commonly used in applications of medium pressure ranges (250 bar) with metal sealing solutions highly demanding on stainless materials.

Distributions for diesel fuel return systems are also performed with the use of rubber-metal hybrid solutions.
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Exhaust pressure sensor

Stainless steel tubes used for monitoring both the pressure of the exhaust system for the management of the particle filters as well as for the turbo and its management of the variable geometry.

The system comprises of a metal tube + flexible tube + electronic sensor withstanding very high temperatures, thus the air tightness is performed by a metal-metal connection requiring high levels of precision.

Our designs minimize the thermal risks of the rubber hose and sensor. When designing, we also seek to provide a good drainage of the condensed acids.
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Engine inserts

Tubes of short length and high precision that become substitute of other machined solutions for connecting rubber hoses to cast blocks (cylinder heads, engine blocks, gearboxes, etc.)

Manufactured out of stainless or highly corrosion resistant coated steel.

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Oil dipstick

Mechanism to check the oil level in the crankcase and composed by a guide and a dipstick assembly. The dipsticks are available in different technologies (plastic, metal, composites).

We offer the possibility of checking the subset with the air tightness of the assembly.
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