Ampliacion Planta Turda en Rumania

  • Building of side facility of 2.500m2
  • New total area of 7.500m2
  • Investment of 4 million euros



Worker placing parts in welding oven

  • TV interview on reduction of CO2 emissions of MMM CEO, Jordi Priu,  
  • Efforts in improving energy efficiency in heating.
  • Saving 13,500 euros in the first two years on the gas bill.
  • MMM has avoided the emission of 30 tonnes of CO2 over the same period.

Equipo directivo de MMM durante la entrega de premios de Auto Revista


  • Autorevista grants the “ Leader of the Year” awards 2014
  • Miquel Priu, president of MMM, receives the Honorary Award
  • MMM has an excellent growth prospects for the coming years.
  • Vista aerea electrolytic coating - planta de tratamiento superficial
  • Obtaining the ISO 9001 certification in June 2014.

  • In process of obtaining the ISO 14001 Environmental Management.

Fachada frontal fabrica electrolitic coating

  • MMM opens its first plant in Romania surface treatment.
  • Electrolytic Coating becomes the third industrial unit of MMM Group
  • The new facilities meet different strategic objectives:  To internalize key processes, reduce costs and fill the void of this service in the markets of Eastern Europe.