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History timeline

Founded in 1944, since its birth MMM history has been marked by technological development, adquisition of large customers and other landmarks.

MMM foundation by Mr. Juan Verdaguer Priu
Continuing the family tradition of activities in the metal sector which extends back to 1864, the Priu family founded MMM in 1944 in Barcelona. The first products were related to the sanitation sector besides the production of scales and weights as is shown in the first logo of the company. These activities laid the foundations of the current activities of the company.
Start of activities in the automotive industry (Nissan - Motor Iberica)
On 1954 the company commences its relationship with the automotive industry through the manufacturing of parts for Ebro-Kubota tractors belonging to the group Motor Iberica. The relationship later extends to manufacturing parts for the first automobiles manufactured by Motor Iberica in Spain.
With the acquisition of Motor Iberica by Nissan in 1987, MMM increases its volume of business with the japanese group.
Change of location to its current site in Molins de Rei, Barcelona
Taking advantage of changes required for the Barcelona Olympic Games, MMM takes the leap to a more modern and spacious production site in Molins de Rei in order to continue its process of expansion.
The first site occupied 2,000 m2. Now currently extends up to 9,000 m2.
Start of activities with Renault
Thanks to the high level achieved up to this date, MMM is able to access the supplier panel of Renault in Europe. From this collaboration, MMM begins its takeoff in the international area exporting to Renault plants in several countries.
Start of activities with PSA group
With the experience acquired in the French market, MMM reinforces its business and becomes established as a supplier of the other large group of the French automotive market.
Start of activities with VW-Audi
Always ready to expand and taking advantage of the accumulated experience in supplying to OEMs, MMM starts the collaboration with the major European automotive group.
Constitution of MMM Autoparts in Turda, Romania.
To maintain a competitive pricing structure, MMM decides to establish a new production plant in the city of Turda, Romania, 100% owned by the company.
In 2007 receives the ISO 9001 certificate.
Start of the relationship with Dacia
Thanks to the relationship built over the years with Renault begins the collaboration with its Romanian subsidiary Dacia, starting the direct delivery from our plant in Turda to the Pitesti factory.
Constitution of the russian branch of the group (M Automotive Rus-MAR)
True to its policy of service and support to its customers and aiming to become a global company, MMM undertakes new investments to supply those customers with expansion plans in Russia.
In 2012 the subsidiary M Automotive Rus in the city of Togliatti, Russia is created. This new company is owned 100% by MMM.
Start of activities with Toyota
MMM is chosen as a strategic supplier for parts industrialization for Western European markets.
Establishment of the surface treatment plant in Romania (Electrolytic Coating)
MMM decides to expand its operations by establishing a surface treatment plant near its factory in Romania with the double purpose of improving internal operations as well as supplying this service to external customers.
Establisment of the production plant in Russia.
Once established the subsidiary in Russia and having received the first firm orders from the main russian automobile manufacturer, AvtoVAZ and Renault Russia, MMM sets its production plant in the Togliatti automotive hub and adapts its processes to the needs of its customers.
This plant starts its production with the manufacturing of motor tubes and structural tubes.
Expansion of MMMA plant
In order to cope with the continuous growth in customer
demand, MMMA expanded its main building by an additional
2.500m². This extra space is expected to accomodate new
projects already booked as well as to create extra capacity to
welcome new ones.
Start of activities with Suzuki
With a LC production plant in Turda, Romania, MMM was an optimum candidate to supply to the Suzuki automobile plant in Esztergom, Hungary.
Establishment of MMM Autoparts Americas in Mexico
In order to supply its products in the dynamic American Market
MMM has established a 100% MMM owned production facility
in the City of Silao, Guanajuato, in order to be able to
supply close to the where it is demanded.
Establishment of Partnership for production plant in China
Nowdays most OEMs require global Tier1s who can produce
and supply products in the main world markets.
For this purpose, MMM started a partnership with an
established chinese automotive parts maker in order to be
able to supply its products in the important Chinese market.
Establishment of Aluminium Parts
Due to the increase of the demand of aluminium tubes in the automotive sector and the trend toward weight reduction, MMM decided to acquire the manufacturing section of an aluminium pipe specialised company. As a result, MMM is now able to offer a reliable supply of pipes in steel, stainless steel and aluminium.